FLSA and Wage & Hour Defense

Claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and similar state wage and hour statutes are one of the most common and significant legal challenges facing employers today. 

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 80% of employers are currently not in compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws. As regulations tighten and corporate scrutiny grows, the risk that you, as an employer, will become the target of a wage and hour lawsuit is greater than ever.

From regulatory compliance to litigation defense to negotiating settlements, the attorneys of Gill Ragon Owen provide our clients with steady, reliable legal counsel and representation. We understand the negative impact employment-related litigation can have on your business. Our mission is to help you mitigate and repair as much of that damage as possible.

FLSA & Wage and Hour Defense Practice Areas

Our employment litigation attorneys are equipped to provide counsel and legal services concerning:

  • Individual actions, class actions, collective actions, and “hybrid” actions brought under state and federal wage and hour statutes
    • Claims of off-the-clock work
    • Overtime pay
    • Minimum wage
    • Donning and doffing
    • Misclassification
    • Wage calculations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Settlement negotiation

This is not an exhaustive list of our legal services concerning FLSA compliance or wage and hour defense. If you are experiencing an employee complaint or accusation concerning wages and hours, contact one of our employment defense attorneys immediately. 

The faster you move, the more likely you’ll be able to resolve the issue peaceably and out of court. 

The FLSA and Wage and Hour Laws in Arkansas

All Arkansas companies must follow both federal and state laws concerning employee wages and hours. If these laws conflict, you as the employer are expected to follow the law that most benefits the employee. 

GRO provides dynamic, innovative advocacy in defense of our clients who face individual, class, or collective action litigation concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act. 

We recognize the extraordinary expense that these cases can pose for you as an employer. That’s why all Gill Ragon Owen attorneys, paralegals, and support staff use the cutting-edge in litigation support technology and techniques. We are always striving to reduce your litigation costs and maximize efficiency. 

We have successfully defeated actions in the early pleadings stage, and have also successfully opposed attempts to certify class and/or collective actions. Our familiarity with Arkansas-specific wage and hour laws and our understanding of how those laws interact with federal mandates allow us to develop a tailored and sophisticated defense for each case we take on.

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